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Awards, Honors & Fun Undertakings
1978-1979 American Home Crafts Magazine, honored contributor of craft designs
1979 Fiberarts Magazine, honored contributor of wearable art
1980 Included in "Wearable Art", a program presented by Your Portable Museum of The American Craft Council, "Quilting II" TV series on WBGU TV
1980 Fiberarts Design Book, honored contributor of wearable art
1980 HANDMADE Magazine, contributing designer
1980 Vienna World Crafts Fair, Vienna Austria, North American Contributors, Wearable Art slide presentation

FOOTWEAR, by Ruth J. Katz, honored contributor
The Goodfellow Catalogue of Wonderful Things No.3, honored contributor of wearable art



Convergence 82 Biennial, Handweavers Guild of America, Seattle Washington
The Good Fellow Catalogue of Wonderful Things To Wear & Wear & Wear
1986 - 2007 Contributor to various artfood events in Western New York including first prize foredible design at"A Consuming Passion" exhibit at The Castellani Art Gallery, Niagara Falls NY 1994, events at the Hallwalls Center for ContemporaryArts, Buffalo, New York, The annual Old Library Fat Tuesday Chocolate Extravaganza, Olean New York, Tops Cooking School, Premier Gourmet Product Tasting and most recently Elizabeth Bonerb owner of Maryelizabeth's edibleart, has created The Finn's World Project, currently taking place at The Gourmet Store of Western New York, Inc. Elizabeth Bonerb is the designer of an award winning web site for Maryelizabeth's edibleart:


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Educational Background
2002 - 2005 Completed 27 hours of Computer Art and Design, Empire State College
1971 - 1972 MS in Design, Buffalo State College, Buffalo New York
1962 - 1966 BS in Art Education, Daemen College, Buffalo, New York

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Professional Experience
1966 - 1973 Art instructor in the New York State Educational System as well as art instructor at The Albright-Knox Art Gallery and art instructor at Buffalo State College
1973 - 1985 Freelance craft designer for national magazines and creator of wearable art
1986 - present Owner of Maryelizabeth's edibleart bakery as well as freelance graphic artist/designer


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My career as an artist has been very diverse and has evolved in a number of arenas. I started out as a serious painting student. I thought that I would spend my artistic life as a painter creating what was termed "fine art". I was uncomfortable with that terminology because it seemed to indicate that art that didn't fall within the fine art realm was somewhat less than fine and maybe even somewhat less than art. I began to question just what I wanted my art to look like and as importantly what kind of artistic impact I was after. I seriously examined my feelings about art itself and decided that the kind of art I wanted to produce wouldn't even be considered real ART by some people. I examined the Art vs Craft question closely. I certainly didn't want to do my talent a disservice by devoting my efforts to a lesser path. Some of my colleagues were critical of my direction, but by that time I was on a mission to respond to the call of the most ancient roots from which all the arts spring. All of the arts, after all rooted in magic. I came to the conclusion that ,"Art was Art". I then withdrew from any debates and turned my attention to my own art and the role that I saw it playing across any boundaries, real or imagined. I have never regretted that decision. I am eternally grateful for the freedom it has afforded me as I have devoted myself to the creation of beautiful things. A magazine editor with whom I worked on many projects with over an extended period of time said this about me, "Elizabeth is an artist. But, unlike many artists, she is secure enough to allow her art to appear in a project magazine."
My willingness to do this may set me apart from some other artists, it's true. The joy I have received from being able to share my philosophy that relooks at the continuum between "fineArt" and the so called "crafts" gives me hope for the entire art world.
"The Finn's World Project", my most current venture into this realm is intended to merge art (both beautiful and edible) with a life philosophy of making the world a better place by doing "what I can with what I have from where I am". This project becomes more of a success with every bite! Please open this PDF in Adobe Reader for best viewing and access to an optional link included in the text.
I cannot imagine missing an opportunity to give my visitors a free gift. Here's a vegetarian recipe for a wonderfully spicy, low fat potato dish. Make sure that you make more than you'll eat at one sitting because cold leftovers make the best home fries ever!

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