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Logos, Brochures, Flyers and Other Advertising Collateral
designed by artist Elizabeth Bonerb

A very exciting and challenging arena of graphic design is corporate identity. A business card provides a major opportunity to attract prospective customers. It could, in fact be the only chance that a business has to be discovered. That small space has to contain enough information to insure several methods of contact such as address, email address and web site and at the same time, introduce the mission of the company in an engaging and dynamic way. The corporate identity package can also include many other types of advertising collateral. Eyecatching brochures and flyers, enticing potential customers to try the company's products can be endlessly inventive. Clothing items such as t-shirts, hats and logo bearing coffee mugs are great ways to advertize by keeping in the public eye. An easily recognizable logo is essential to pave the way. Click on the link below each thumbnail to see enlargements of these projects and find out more about them.

This is a thumbnail image of a logo designed by graphic artist, Elizabeth Bonerb for Berangér Kennels.
This is a thumbnail image of the inside of a pop-up web site invitation.
This is a thumbnail image of a T-shirt bearing a corporate logo.

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