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graphic og Elizabeth Bonerb's signature on painting.

This is an image of the maryelizabeth's edibleart fairy that introduces the web site.

Welcome to The Maryelizabeth's edibleart Bakery Web Site
designed by artist and pastry chef, Elizabeth Bonerb

Web site design is one of the most challenging, exciting, and mystical art forms in which I have ever engaged. My bakery had a web site for a number of years prior to designing the Maryelizabeth's edibleart Bakery site myself. As an artist it was very frustrating to trust someone else with my visions. The image of Maryelizabeth herself emerged a couple of decades ago as I sat in a gloomy, drafty room in what is now the rennovated farm house where I spend my creative life immersed in studio work and the mysterious mix I consider the alchemy of my creative fire.
When I decided that a bakery was my next step, I sat at the drawing board, picked up a pencil and it mysteriously began to move by itself. Maryelizabeth, the green winged fairy of edibleart fame was born. Who you see here is one of the very first Maryelizabeth images. Her function was to greet visitors to the bakery site. I still use a version of this image to welcome visitors to the expanded three part site, but that first animation of the smiling cookie has been retired. I still visit this image, maybe it has something to do with the fact that it is one of my "first born". I will always have a special place in my heart for her.

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